Monday, September 7, 2009

Blue Monday

Navy Blues over the beach!
Being a native Pensacolian, the Navy's Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team was a fixture in my life.
To me, the sound of jets overhead represented the sound of freedom.
To watch their air shows was awesome, inspiring , thrilling and motivating!
Many a youngster grew up with aspirations of one day being a Navy jet pilot!
Now fly on over to Smiling Sally to see other Blues..


  1. That's a wonderful Blue post for this Monday. Great photos Lou. Happy Memorial Day to you.

  2. Your photos are awesome. Love those planes and the blue skies. It is amazing how close together they fly in perfect unison.

    Happy Labor Day.


  3. I love the Blue Angels. They used to fly out on the west coast too...San Diego and out of El Toro.

  4. Spectacular!This demo team is such a thrill to watch.It has been too many years since Ilast saw them.Thanks for giving me memories of past airshows.

  5. Grandma J..
    southern California was the winter training station..
    Ruth..YES!..they are awesome!
    glad to have brought back memories for all..
    thanks for stopping by!

  6. Lou, beautiful photos. Great way to start off the week. Have a great day!

  7. Hi Lou, I'll bet you miss Pensacola, don't you??? Of course, Denver is pretty nice also... I've only been to Denver twice--but loved it.

    Great BLUE Monday photos.


  8. I have seen the Blue Angels one time Lou. They are amazing to watch.

  9. Good Morning all..
    The Blue Angels are the elite of Navy fliers.
    They perform the very same maneuvers that all pilots MUST learn to execute during flight training in order to earn their "Wings of Gold".
    The Blues are simply performing them in tighter precision formations. They are the best recruiting tool in the Navy! Every kid wants to grow up to be a Blue Angel!
    And Betsy..yes , I miss Pensacola, I miss the carefree youthful days roaming the wild , uninhabited beaches.. but times change. My Pensacola is vastly different from the city today.
    In the Navy, we had a saying that I still find quite appropriate:
    "HOME IS WHERE MY STUFF IS" so Denver is now my home, as has been many cities and countries at one time or another..
    wherever you are..MAKE it a beautiful day!

  10. I love the Blue Angels! My first exposure to a live "performance" was in Pensacola. When we lived in Knoxville, we watched a refueling over our home. It was fascinating!

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  11. Jane..I've loved the Blues for as long as I can remember..glad you enjoyed the photos..I've oodles more..
    thanks for stopping by!
    ♥ smiles!