Sunday, August 30, 2009

A to Z backwards and BLUE MONDAY

...Strolling the endless Strand of Beach under azure Blue Skies..

...Sea oats for Stabilization of Sand Dunes..

...Spectacular Sunsets

...Surf fishing last cast at Sunset

....Sand, Sifting through my toes..

...Sunlight Sparkling on Sea bluegreen waters..

S...simple pleasures..
... sugary,white beach Sand..
... Surf..
... Splendid Sunsets
... Soft Sea breezes
... Siren Songs..calling to me
Sent with love from my beach in Pensacola Florida!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pink Saturday



In the Pink
Today, I am in the pink, so to say..
second cup of coffee almost gone..
beautiful day out..
time to be out and about..
so grab essentials..

First my little pink communicator..
Next.. my purse sized camera for documenting discoveries..
and lastly, a glance backwards to my beginnings..
(photo by Margo of Florida)
now this beachy girl is ready for the day!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Denver..My Way..

Please join me at a new location..
Here will be posted many different views of Denver..
a bit of history..
attractions..touristy and otherwise..
flora and fauna..
seasonal changes..
whatevers and wherevers..
see you there!..
Lou Denver will continue..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

By George, I've Found A home for Lady ~M~

"Classic Georgian,in the Park Hill Neighborhood, currently on the market for a MERE $1,899,000.00.

The gracious home is is situated on a spectacular 15,600 square feet lot in Park Hill. This classic home with original light fixtures and beautifully maintained wood moldings. Three floors of warm, light filled rooms full of charm and character. In addition, there is a finished basement and a studio apartment above the garage with a bedroom and bath that could easily be turned into guest quarters."

Denver Historic Neighborhoods

East Denver, Including Park Hill, Montclair,Hilltop, and Lowry, is a relatively prosperous and largely residential area through which the park and parkway system provides a touring route.
East 17th Avenue Pkwy., East 6th Avenue Pkwy, Montview Blvd, and Clermont,Forest, Monaco and Richthofen Parkways are inteconnected greenways lined by many fine homes reflecting popular architectural styles of the past 100 years.Richtofen Parkway leads to Montclair, an 1885 suburban town in which much infill, annexed to Denver in 1902. this heterogenous district resembles a catalog of residential styles from the 1880's to the 1990's. Two historic districts on what was, until 1994,Lowry Air Force Base commemorate the tremendous impact of the military upon Denver's development.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just ramblings..

Good morning Blogsters!

Today is a bit cool and gray here in Denver..
Probably a very good idea from our Maker..

You COMPUTER has been on the fritz!
and boy! have I been HOT!

yep..something to do with YAHOO changing formats..
I've been with Yahoo since the very beginning of my foray into the exciting world of computing! No matter the change, I've always managed to conquer the devils who try tripping me..setting me up for a downfall of ranting..

My initial sign up with Yahoo was at the advice of my son..
"Mom,you cannot use your work email for personal stuff!"
"Go to Yahoo, it is the most user friendly site..follow the directions..
make sure you choose something unique and identifiable for your user name.."
thus was the beginning of ..
I loved the site, especially the ability to embed photos in the message body with no attachments.. I cried when that feature ended along with Yahoo photos..
but with that door closing, a new one opened in that site!!!
In MY opinion, it is one of the best user-friendly FREE photo editing sites!

Now am back to trying my best to sort out these new problems with Internet Explorer and Yahoo..

In the meantime dear friends..please enjoy one of my favorite shots of MY Beach!
..with eyes closed..imagine your toes wriggling in the warm sand..cheeks caressed by a sunkissed breeze..all senses serenaded by waves gently lapping at the shore..

Until tomorrow..enjoy your day to the fullest..
Live, Love ..and Laugh!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blue Monday

..Most every shade of blue from soft powdery blue to the deepest of navy blues! One of my most favorite is found in this Plumbago blossom photo taken in Panama City,Florida back in May.

The early morning was extremely humid.The blossom,which undulated by a gentle breeze in and out of the sunshine,was wrapped around a deep blue porcelain birdbath...this created the fuzzy , shimmery effect..

This colorful blossom photo landed me an Approver's Choice Award at Weather Underground WeatherPhotos!

From A to Z..backwards


..Typical Middle Eastern serving

..Samovar for brewing

..Two to Tango

..Tee shirt made popular by Marlon Brando

T is for:

tempting tantalizing, tasty..
...served hot, cold, iced ..sweet or unsweetened
...with meals or alone..
...has been a staple of asian cultures for centuries, a staple beverage, a curative and as a status symbol.

Tea for two..
..two 2..

..It takes two to tango..
..Tango..the dance
.. music

..ti the 7th tone in musical scales

Tee shirt originally navy issue undershirt in 1913
later short sleeves and crew neck worn as outer top for men and women,
as made famous by Marlon Brando in 1959 "A Streetcar Named Desire"

Now I need to refill my never-ending glass of sweet iced tea
as I pop on over to see more A-Z postings at Jen's Unglazed

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pink Saturday

Good morning from Delightful Denver!
..delightful as in deliciously wonderful weather!
..clear blue skies...not even a puff of a cloud!
..all of this puts me into a rosy state of mind..
speaking of rosy, which is just another shade of PINK.. how about a few of my favorite PINK roses..
to put YOU in the Pink?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Show and Tell..


Good wonderful morning!
grab your cups and let's chat a bit..
I have so many things to show and am overwhelmed at where to begin..
so me thinks the beginning would probably be the best place!
I love flowers!Flowers of all colors and descriptions..but roses are my favorites!
Today, will be Columbines..the official state flower of Colorado!
And guess what? This gorgeous flower fascinates me so due to resemblance/similiarity to creatures of the sea...
with backpointing tentacles..the flowers look much like a SQUID!!
No wonder I love the Columbine.. it's because I LOVE CALAMARI..fried squid!!
This delicate wildflower is a perennial, comes in a variety of colors and is very easy to grow! Most every home boasts at least one plant, if not several.
The plants emerge in late spring and soon begin their blooming which lasts well into late summer...and it reseeds!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy...

Strolling along, I spotted this huge, bright orange pumpkin in a flowerbed. Guess it is being groomed for autumn decoration..or maybe a scary smiling Jack O' Lantern?

Gazing up at the gorgeous Colorado sky, I spot this huge sunflower..with a bee!..staring down at me!

..and yet another sunflower, with a bee, blowing in the breeze!
what a wonderful day full of sunshine,fresh air,and wishes that you were with me on this little excursion.
Maybe next time?

♥ hugs and smiles! Lou

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bright and Sunny

Wednesday was a gorgeous day to be out and about on a such special day!
The sun shone brightly with only a sprinkling of cotton ball clouds dotting the azure sky! Acool breeze was gently blowing,keeping temperature comfortable.

My date, Nikon D40 was ready for action as I parked my car in a shady spot and cracked the windows. (We Southerners know about finding shady spots to park..otherwise our legs and bum would be burnt when we re entered the car!)
Anyway, Nike and I strolled the beautiful parkway, stopping only to line up the perfect shot.

The houses were magnificent,MANSIONS,of many diverse styles.One thing all had in common was SIZE. These castles were situated on city lots, most covering at least two and one house actually filled THREE LOTS! Roofs were either slate tiles, or terra cotta. A few stll have wooden Cedar shakes.
The structures all have basements,and above that level are three stories!Several boasted windows in the attic spaces! Sure am glad I'm not the maid having to clean one of them!

Garages,rear entry from the alley was the norm as street parking simply is NOT allowed. During the winter ,when snow has fallen and the accumulation is several inches deep, getting out of the garage can be difficult.
Shoveling snow is not a fun chore, even with a snow blower. And when the snow melts and refreezes into ice, the difficulty is compounded! Most folks have a snow removal service handle the task for them..

Landscaping is immaculate, with neatly mowed expanses of green lawns.Perennial flowers bloom in swaths and masses,lending ma profusion of color to all the greens.There is an abundance of evergreen trees, ancient and huge, reaching skyward! The mixed variety of other trees provide shade in the summer and color during the fall.But the prettiest tree is the white barked weeping birch.Some have become diseased, but those remaining, are exquisite in their beauty..

It is hard to imagine living in such splendor,where the beauty is maintained by paid services.I prefer doing my own as well a digging in the dirt, and planting flowers.
And yes, I WILL pay a snow removal service to keep my driveway clean and passable!

Good Wednesday Morning!

Today will just be a quick hello with my usual cup of morning coffee!

Have several early doctor appointments, and later, a date with my camera!
Date with a camera you say? Say I..emphatically YES!

Please let me explain..
Whenever I have doctor appointments,my ritual is to go out and about with my camera!
NO cell phones or interruptions are allowed for about two hours! I call this exercise medicine for my soul! Anything of interest can and will be photographed for later editing.

Today, I will be exploring one of my favorite neighborhoods. There the imposing monoliths situated on expansive green lawns are set far back from the tree lined parkway.

The houses,or rather mansions, are huge brick structures resembling European castles! Many are of Tudor style and others a more Victorian in nature. All were some of the earliest homes built here in Denver over one hundred years ago!

I'd like to share with you dear bloggers, my discoveries in this wonderful city which will be celebrating it's one hundred fiftieth anniversary this year!

So until later..grab another cup and enjoy your morning!

♥ smiles! Lou

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Directions

Good morning from Denver..

Hot coffee and cool rose scented breezes wafting around me..
ummm! delicious morning smells to awaken the senses!

My arrival in Denver was quite a change from all perspectives.
For one, the sky seems endless here as does the horizon.
Both stretch forever until BAM! There is Denver right smack in the middle!

Denver,approaching from the East, seems to perch on a flat plane.
Upon closer inspection, downtown is a cluster of many tall buildings.
The most recognizable being the Quest Building, which resembles an old timey cash register! All are familiar landmarks to me now as are the many one-way streets.
That was not the case when I first arrived!

Being raised in the south, we were taught our directions:
North was Up north, or facing away from the water.
South was facing the water: (The Gulf of Mexico)
East was naturally towards the Atlantic Ocean, and West was the Pacific Ocean.

Here, directions are given as "Can you see the mountains?"
So imagine my surprise when on my first job interview on a snowy morning..
and getting lost in the downtown Denver. After admitting to myself that I was hopelessly lost and confused, I called a friend for help.

The first words out of her mouth was "Can you see the mountains?" To which my frustrated reply was, "MOUNTAINS?" All I can see is tall buildings and snow flakes!!
Finally with her calming directions,I managed to safely navigate to more familiar surroundings,easily returning home!

Today,we can laugh at my early "exploratory" experiences in Denver. Armed with a city atlas,my navigational skills have greatly improved. The city is laid out in a grid pattern. Streets are numbered, while avenues are in alaphabetical order with botanical names.

What fun adventures we will have exploring together..
Are you game?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Good morning world..

Won't you join me for a cup of wake-up juice as we chat?

I Live in the beautiful city of Denver,Colorado..also called the Mile High City because of it's altitude..5,280 feet above sea level. How ironic..a Florida beach girl goes from sea level, leaving behind the sugary white sands and emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico for the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains!

That was almost five years ago. Still it seems like yesterday driving my old red Toyota 4-runner across country from Florida to Denver! The temperature was heavenly in April,making the trip truly comfortable. It had been many years since making my first trip to Aspen, Colorado,so seeing the mountains suddenly appear on the horizon was a joyful surprise! The song "America The Beautiful" came to mind as I viewed the many differences of terrain,flora and fauna.

Upon arriving in Denver, my car loaded with necessities, I quickly settled into apartment living while waiting for my shipped clothing to arrive. Bear in mind,I left Florida in April where summer temps were already the norm. Denver had very little humidity with daytime temps an enjoyable sunny 60 degrees. Night temps were still in the low 40's. So imagine my surprise and delight to awaken to SNOW !! Such a pretty scene.. snowflakes, BIG floppy wet flakes covering everything in sight..creating a sparkling fairyland! Grabbing my camera, this had to be documented..MY FIRST SNOW! The novelty quickly wore off as snow continued falling..and falling throughout the day.. accumulating to a total of TWO FEET!

Remember I mentioned awaiting for my clothes to arrive? Here I am, watching it snow, knowing sandals and sneakers were my only shoes and sweatshirts were the extent of my WINTER outerwear!!! ..and not a single pair of socks!! Quickly my shopping list began to materialize.
a lightweight down parka,boots, SOCKS, gloves..scarves, hats..
It was then I realized,my garage was NOT attached..that meant a trek through two-feet deep snow to the garage..and I am ONLY 5'2" tall!! Just imagine me slogging through snow, up to my ying-yang, wearing sneakers, jeans and a sweatshirt on a sunny April day! I can laugh now, back then it was not the least bit funny! But as quickly as the snow appeared,once it stopped falling out came the sunshine and within hours, the streets were clear and passable, and life quickly resumed it's normal pace...

And thus began my adventures in the Mile High City of Denver.