Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Directions

Good morning from Denver..

Hot coffee and cool rose scented breezes wafting around me..
ummm! delicious morning smells to awaken the senses!

My arrival in Denver was quite a change from all perspectives.
For one, the sky seems endless here as does the horizon.
Both stretch forever until BAM! There is Denver right smack in the middle!

Denver,approaching from the East, seems to perch on a flat plane.
Upon closer inspection, downtown is a cluster of many tall buildings.
The most recognizable being the Quest Building, which resembles an old timey cash register! All are familiar landmarks to me now as are the many one-way streets.
That was not the case when I first arrived!

Being raised in the south, we were taught our directions:
North was Up north, or facing away from the water.
South was facing the water: (The Gulf of Mexico)
East was naturally towards the Atlantic Ocean, and West was the Pacific Ocean.

Here, directions are given as "Can you see the mountains?"
So imagine my surprise when on my first job interview on a snowy morning..
and getting lost in the downtown Denver. After admitting to myself that I was hopelessly lost and confused, I called a friend for help.

The first words out of her mouth was "Can you see the mountains?" To which my frustrated reply was, "MOUNTAINS?" All I can see is tall buildings and snow flakes!!
Finally with her calming directions,I managed to safely navigate to more familiar surroundings,easily returning home!

Today,we can laugh at my early "exploratory" experiences in Denver. Armed with a city atlas,my navigational skills have greatly improved. The city is laid out in a grid pattern. Streets are numbered, while avenues are in alaphabetical order with botanical names.

What fun adventures we will have exploring together..
Are you game?


  1. Good Morning, Lou!
    I see from your writing that you are truly from 'the south'! Denver was so big and busy when we were through there. Someday I hope to get back there and stay longer.

  2. Lou, Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm a fan of Dorothy at Counting My Blessings.

    I went through Denver in 1971 and again last year. The first time was in the middle of the night... an August night... and it was 32 degrees and there were a few snowflakes. Last year we went through on one of the interstates with bared knuckles pulling our travel trailer. One day we'll have to visit the city itself.

    If you like photography you might like to show off your town and other places and things here:
    Friday My Town Shoot Out. It is fun seeing each person's take on the subject matter.

  3. Thanks Zaroga, for the kind and encouraging comments. As I type, It is raining and hailing pea-sized pellets with temps at 70 degrees..
    Denver has a lot to offer ..something for everyone..it is one of the healthiest cities as well as cleanest. Love it here..but my heart is truly a Floridian..I keep a jar of beach sand handy for when Homesickness hits me too hard..otherwise, I sprinkle a few grains in my shoes..ensuring my return always!
    I will check out the Friday link..
    thanks again.. Lou

  4. For me in So Cal, outside my backyard towards the mountains is north...beach is south...so I'm okay getting to where I need to go, ha!

  5. Thanks Sandy..
    Southern California was no problem for me when I lived in Ventura eons ago..I lived ON THE BEACH! one house between me and the Pacific! So there..San Francisco was North, San Diego was South and East was heading cross-country back home to Florida..
    here in LANDLOCKED Denver, getting my bearings was a bit difficult to say the least..
    thanks for stopping by!

  6. Girl I'm just going to stay down here in the south where I got my bearings down pretty good! haha!

  7. Sounds like you will make a great tour guide.Denver is a city I have seen in person,but don't remember much about it.

  8. Ruth..
    Denver is a lovely city..not too big like Los Angeles or New York..just a nice size.Easily navigated once I became familiar with streets and landmarks..
    Plenty of green spaces and very dog friendly..
    I'll do my best to refresh your memories..
    ♥ smiles..Lou

  9. what a fine job you have done here with this new blog!!!
    very impressive, lady girl!
    I'll be back.....

  10. ~Lady M~
    Glad you stopped in..
    ♥ Lou