Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy...

Strolling along, I spotted this huge, bright orange pumpkin in a flowerbed. Guess it is being groomed for autumn decoration..or maybe a scary smiling Jack O' Lantern?

Gazing up at the gorgeous Colorado sky, I spot this huge sunflower..with a bee!..staring down at me!

..and yet another sunflower, with a bee, blowing in the breeze!
what a wonderful day full of sunshine,fresh air,and wishes that you were with me on this little excursion.
Maybe next time?

♥ hugs and smiles! Lou


  1. Looks like a beautiful excursion Lou. Wish I could have been there.

  2. it WAS a fun afternoon..
    yes, I wish all of you could've joined me!
    an ice cream truck came by..
    so I treated me to a refreshing treat!!
    ♥ Lou

  3. I would not have missed this 'date' with you and Nike.Hope I will be allowed to come along on many more.The sunflower pic are gorgeous.

  4. Love that last picture!! Also the ice cream treat sounds tempting!

  5. Thanks..look forward to sharing more of my fun Nike dates with you all..

  6. I really do need to have a date with my Sony. I had shoulder surgery a couple of months ago and the camera is still a bit heavy. I do sometimes take my two smaller Sonys out. I'm still thinking about getting a monopod.

    I enjoyed your pictures of the homes and the descriptions you gave. The sunflowers are a day brightener.

  7. Z~,I graduated from Kodak easy shares up to the nikon almost a year ago. I don't find it to be TOO heavy or bothersome, but then I don' wear the strap! I have arthritis in my shoulder and hands. Have never tried a tripod nor mono pod..
    look forward to flowers soon from me!
    gotta run..
    thanks for the kind comments!!
    ♥ Lou
    ps.. loved the sunflowers also..

  8. Lou, the sunflowers are a breath of golden sunny air. Love the photos and the storytelling. Smiles. Maria

  9. Hi Maria!!
    Thanks,,are you ready to do a painting of them for me? Of course, YOU were first in my mind when I completed the editing!!
    enjoy to your hearts content!
    ♥ Lou

  10. These flowers you have posted are gorgeous and I love the purple columbine one in the previous post.