Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good Wednesday Morning!

Today will just be a quick hello with my usual cup of morning coffee!

Have several early doctor appointments, and later, a date with my camera!
Date with a camera you say? Say I..emphatically YES!

Please let me explain..
Whenever I have doctor appointments,my ritual is to go out and about with my camera!
NO cell phones or interruptions are allowed for about two hours! I call this exercise medicine for my soul! Anything of interest can and will be photographed for later editing.

Today, I will be exploring one of my favorite neighborhoods. There the imposing monoliths situated on expansive green lawns are set far back from the tree lined parkway.

The houses,or rather mansions, are huge brick structures resembling European castles! Many are of Tudor style and others a more Victorian in nature. All were some of the earliest homes built here in Denver over one hundred years ago!

I'd like to share with you dear bloggers, my discoveries in this wonderful city which will be celebrating it's one hundred fiftieth anniversary this year!

So until later..grab another cup and enjoy your morning!

♥ smiles! Lou


  1. Good afternoon, Lou!
    That's a wonderful idea! After waiting for your appointments, I'm sure it's fun to unwind with your 'date'!!! We look forward to seeing Denver! Have fun!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your photos Lou!

  3. A date with the camera!What a wonderful way to put it.I love those dates.I can't wait to see your pictures.The header is beautiful.

  4. Thanks ladies..
    now if I can just figure out HOW to get the pics and the text on the blog, we'll be ready to go!
    ♥ Lou