Friday, August 21, 2009

Show and Tell..


Good wonderful morning!
grab your cups and let's chat a bit..
I have so many things to show and am overwhelmed at where to begin..
so me thinks the beginning would probably be the best place!
I love flowers!Flowers of all colors and descriptions..but roses are my favorites!
Today, will be Columbines..the official state flower of Colorado!
And guess what? This gorgeous flower fascinates me so due to resemblance/similiarity to creatures of the sea...
with backpointing tentacles..the flowers look much like a SQUID!!
No wonder I love the Columbine.. it's because I LOVE CALAMARI..fried squid!!
This delicate wildflower is a perennial, comes in a variety of colors and is very easy to grow! Most every home boasts at least one plant, if not several.
The plants emerge in late spring and soon begin their blooming which lasts well into late summer...and it reseeds!


  1. Girl I got my coffee right now. Loved your photos of the columbine. I think this plant is a beauty but have never tried to grow it. Maybe next year!

  2. Susie..
    are you anywhere near Ventress?
    oops.. wrong state..but still very SOUTH!
    I have a friend there who successfully grows this beautiful try it!
    at my sister's in Panama City Fl, her neighbor had them growing in her shady garden..a friend in ALASKA sent me seeds from there..
    so obviously they can and do grow most anywhere..
    good luck!
    enjoy the coffee..

  3. Hi Lou,
    These Columbines are so beautiful, but I have never tried to grow them. Maybe they WOULD grow here in the deep south! Maybe I will try. Thanks for posting these lovely pictures.

  4. WOW!Each picture is soooo gorgeous.Thanks for a bright spot in my day.No.I'm not sad,but our weather is,overcast and cool.

  5. Thanks to each of you for such kind comments.. as you can see, I am a passionate photographer..and adore the great outdoors just brimming with God's bountiful blessings.. which I will gladly share!

  6. Welcome to blogging! I just came over from Dorothy's site. I didn't realize Columbines came in so many colors, but these are beautiful!

  7. Squid and Calamari, what a fantastic combination. Love them both but never associated them until now.
    Your blog entries are so enjoyable and colorful. Keep up your rosy view of life and Denver. Maria