Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just ramblings..

Good morning Blogsters!

Today is a bit cool and gray here in Denver..
Probably a very good idea from our Maker..

You COMPUTER has been on the fritz!
and boy! have I been HOT!

yep..something to do with YAHOO changing formats..
I've been with Yahoo since the very beginning of my foray into the exciting world of computing! No matter the change, I've always managed to conquer the devils who try tripping me..setting me up for a downfall of ranting..

My initial sign up with Yahoo was at the advice of my son..
"Mom,you cannot use your work email for personal stuff!"
"Go to Yahoo, it is the most user friendly site..follow the directions..
make sure you choose something unique and identifiable for your user name.."
thus was the beginning of ..
I loved the site, especially the ability to embed photos in the message body with no attachments.. I cried when that feature ended along with Yahoo photos..
but with that door closing, a new one opened in that site!!!
In MY opinion, it is one of the best user-friendly FREE photo editing sites!

Now am back to trying my best to sort out these new problems with Internet Explorer and Yahoo..

In the meantime dear friends..please enjoy one of my favorite shots of MY Beach!
..with eyes closed..imagine your toes wriggling in the warm sand..cheeks caressed by a sunkissed breeze..all senses serenaded by waves gently lapping at the shore..

Until tomorrow..enjoy your day to the fullest..
Live, Love ..and Laugh!


  1. Hi Lou, Love that shot of the beach. Hopefully, I will be seeing it in a couple of weeks. Yippee!

  2. YIPPEE!!! YAY!
    I'll be seeing it only in my dreams for awhile yet..Unless I can figure a way to go back to my sister's.. or to my son's..
    in the meantime, I'll be beaching in my dreams and Denvering in my awake times..
    soon the aspens will begin to turn...
    am so NOT ready for autumn... which ushers in WINTER and the dreaded S word...
    bury your toes for me!
    ♥ hugs!

  3. I can imagine it, wish I was there right now. I miss not being able to add photo's to email also, what a loss.

  4. A beautiful shot of the beach... in Florida?

    You should try Firefox... less problems than Internet Explorer. I too have used Yahoo for a long time.

  5. Good Afternoon, Lou! Love the photo! When enlarged to full screen it would make lovely
    wallpaper for the desktop. I can feel summer winding down and I'm looking forward to Fall, my favorite time of the year. Hope all your computer problems are fixed now. Cheers!

  6. What a dreamlike beach scene. Thanks for the refreshing watery Wednesday shot!

  7. Thanks all..for the wonderful comments..
    Truly today I needed the serenity of the beach..yes Z, a Fla beach on the Atlantic in Cocoa Beach..
    and I have signed up for Firefox..but all my favorite sites and saved stuff is on Yahoo.. will be quite the task rlocating/deleting..
    and Dy..I do have it enlarged sitting on my desk for instant serenity ..
    Linnea.. thanks for allowing me into your world of wonderful WATER!
    okay finally escaping the clutches of this!
    hugs and smiles!
    ♥ Lou

  8. Your bookmarks/favorites should be in Internet Explorer... so a simple import to Firefox... I think Firefox asks if you want to import your bookmarks/favorites from IE. You simply sign in to Yahoo as you usually do. It takes a bit of getting used to the changes, but Firefox usually runs smoother than IE. Blogger seems to run smoother with Firefox.

  9. Z..a big hearty thanks..
    I have been wrestling with this problem since Monday..
    will try it in a bit..
    gotta run out now!
    big hug!!!♥

  10. I would love to loaf on your beach....sorry about your server problems, I would not have a clue what to do except call my daughter.
    Hope you can sort it out quickly.

  11. Arija..
    Thanks for stopping by..and yes, you may relax and loaf on my beach anytime..
    and thanks to my son for his suggestions and my friend Margo coming to my rescue, I think the computer problems are behind me now!
    Loved your now a follower!
    have a beautiful day!
    ♥ Lou

  12. hay hay,

    Thanx for visiting my blog, Its been fun MOST of the time!

    How in the world did you end up from Florida to Colorado? I can't say i'm a beach person, give me the trees and mountains anyday!
    TOO bad, no mountains in Mississippi! and really not even many hills!!!

    Well, I've got to play catch up and check out your blog! Its already sounding very interesting, especially the movie Somewhere in time?? is that the one with Jane Seymore and Christopher Reeves. I THINK i have it still in the wrapper.

    the best is yet to come!!!

  13. Lynn..
    to answer your questions..
    divorce after 26 offer for a very lucrative $alary at a fun job..that was 5 years ago..
    still hate the snow! but all the other wonders far outweigh the cold and snow..
    I LOVE southern spring time..always will!
    it is just tooooo short!
    am an avid BASS fisherman..have fished since daddy taught me at age 5..eons ago..
    Mississippi has some of the best fishing in the south..
    yes.. that is the very same movie..was a huge fan of Christopher Reeve.. still am! love that movie!
    Lynn thanks for stopping it often..
    coffee's hot and iced tea in the 'fridge.. help yourself and sit a spell!