Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bright and Sunny

Wednesday was a gorgeous day to be out and about on a such special day!
The sun shone brightly with only a sprinkling of cotton ball clouds dotting the azure sky! Acool breeze was gently blowing,keeping temperature comfortable.

My date, Nikon D40 was ready for action as I parked my car in a shady spot and cracked the windows. (We Southerners know about finding shady spots to park..otherwise our legs and bum would be burnt when we re entered the car!)
Anyway, Nike and I strolled the beautiful parkway, stopping only to line up the perfect shot.

The houses were magnificent,MANSIONS,of many diverse styles.One thing all had in common was SIZE. These castles were situated on city lots, most covering at least two and one house actually filled THREE LOTS! Roofs were either slate tiles, or terra cotta. A few stll have wooden Cedar shakes.
The structures all have basements,and above that level are three stories!Several boasted windows in the attic spaces! Sure am glad I'm not the maid having to clean one of them!

Garages,rear entry from the alley was the norm as street parking simply is NOT allowed. During the winter ,when snow has fallen and the accumulation is several inches deep, getting out of the garage can be difficult.
Shoveling snow is not a fun chore, even with a snow blower. And when the snow melts and refreezes into ice, the difficulty is compounded! Most folks have a snow removal service handle the task for them..

Landscaping is immaculate, with neatly mowed expanses of green lawns.Perennial flowers bloom in swaths and masses,lending ma profusion of color to all the greens.There is an abundance of evergreen trees, ancient and huge, reaching skyward! The mixed variety of other trees provide shade in the summer and color during the fall.But the prettiest tree is the white barked weeping birch.Some have become diseased, but those remaining, are exquisite in their beauty..

It is hard to imagine living in such splendor,where the beauty is maintained by paid services.I prefer doing my own as well a digging in the dirt, and planting flowers.
And yes, I WILL pay a snow removal service to keep my driveway clean and passable!


  1. Wow! What pretty homes. The one with the rudbeckia in front is very pretty.

  2. These home are lovely to look at,but I agree too big for me to live in.I prefer a small homey place.

  3. S~ several of the more "castle-like pics didn't turn out very well due to photographer error and incorrect lighting.
    (too much sunshine!!)
    just imagine blocks and blocks of these HUGE homes!I randomly selected homes in a six block area!
    ♥ L~

  4. These homes are so lovely in their design! Somehow, I think they would suit a gallery these days and I agree with Ruth, I could not live in one as a home!

  5. Grey..
    thanks for the wonderful comments..
    the homes are GRAND in scale..
    I don't really understand about "they would suit a gallery" means..
    please explain..
    stop by anytime.. I'll be posting more architectural delights along the way!!
    Love your site..

  6. Great houses! I love seeing where others live that I can't afford :-)

  7. How would you like seeing an array of "McMansions"..that is on my agenda..

  8. hey LOU...really enjoyed the Denver architecture
    you posted here...reminded me of being back home in Murfreesboro. I miss these older homes.
    I am enjoying your blog and look forward to more of the shots of the homes and city.

  9. Margo..
    glad you enjoyed a look-see of Denver houses..
    another series is ready for posting
    look for it in the next day or so..
    I'll give you a tickle when to peek..
    big hugs!
    ♥ Lou