Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thrifty Thursday, etc.

Thrift store finds..
..and other tales..

Initially, I wanted to join in the fun and share my latest finds from favorite thrift stores. While looking at my photos, and deciding they needed to be retaken before sharing..I cropped and this is the best of the lot!

Bubba G has been a member of the family for almost a year now.

On a very cold and blustery day last December,when opening the front door to check for mail, a taped up banana box was sitting on the porch.
Not thinking about it, I shoved it aside with my foot..and heard the weakest MEEEEOOOOOW! Quickly the box was brought indoors from the 18 degree weather!
Before opening, I searched for a message..NOTHING!
Having two indoor cats already, all I could think of was..what am I gonna do with another cat?
After putting BeBe and Ballou (my other two rescued toss away cats) safely in another room, and taking this box to the laundry room, cautiously I opened it.. out popped a fully grown ORANGE cat!
He ran behind the dryer and peeked out at me as the contents of his box were checked for further clues..again..nada! Someone obviously loved him a great deal..a bag of food, two dishes, a favorite toy and blankie were in the box..but nothing to indicate from where he had come ..And obviously they knew I am a sucker for cats.. and dogs.. and kids..
Bubba G..spent two days in the laundry room behind a partially cracked door as he gradually became accustomed to the sights, sounds and inhabitants of my household.
On the third day, I entered with a bag of catnip..rubbed him down while softy talking to him..mommy to baby talk..from that day forward, no more hissing and scratching.. just a big loveable baby who makes his place wherever he wants..always sharing his unconditional love!
Bubba G? from the movie of course..Life is like a box of never know what you gonna get..and so was the case with my Bubba G..

Check out these nifty thrifty sites..Goodwill Haunting and Homebody Holly for super finds!


  1. What a beautiful story! And I see that big grin on Bubba G's face! I love all animals and have 3 dogs and 2 cats ... I still have room for one more! Ha!! Thank you for visiting my blog and thanks a bunch for linking to it ... I already know you are a wonderful person to get to know! Count me in as a follower.

  2. Consider it done!
    my pleasure!!!

  3. I'm not big on cats, but he sure does look like a keeper. You are such a good mom.

    My daughter in Denver is a thrift shop junkie...for real! I love going with her on her "hunt" when I visit. You guys need a club! There is nothing here in Central TX but crap.

  4. GJ..
    next time you come out..
    let's see what we can discover!

  5. What cute pictures of your kitty. And what a great story to go along with it!! So sweet.

  6. What a cute kitty! Bubba is lucky to have such a good home.

  7. Oh Lou, I love kitties, what a great story! How sweet that you kept him.

    I don't know if you read or not but there's a great book called "Dewey" you might like. It's a true story of a poor kitty that was left in a library overdue box on a freezing night.

  8. He's a beauty Lou! And one very fortunate cat.

  9. What a great story. Sounds like the previous owner found the perfect fit for Bubba G. He sure looks like he's at home.

  10. Bubba is a great fit..
    he knows the rules..and Mama RULES!
    a flyswatter and tone of voice is all it takes..
    all I do is lift it, never have to use it.
    On the other hand, they get their fair share of love..and treats!
    each has their own special job..BeBe guards the window ledge, Ballou protects the bed, and Bubba..well Bubba just protects whatever he chooses..☺!

  11. this is so sweet. He is a lucky boy, because there are lots of cats that are just tossed to fend for themselves. And yes, someone knew you were a sucker.
    We have 3 orange cats too..2 from the pound and one showed up on my porch, minus a box and food. :0