Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Waterside and Outdoor Wednesday

THEY say one picture is worth a thousand words...
so what do these FOUR say?

Serenity in blues and greens..trimmed in white sand

Just gotta get the sand between my toes!

Margo on the rocks..jetty at East Pass Destin Fl

Sunshine,salty seabreeze, sand between my toes= SHEER BLISS!

My friend Margo,(another photographer)
and I had the most wonderful time at Destin!
What more can I say.. let the photos speak for themselves!

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  1. Destin is such a pretty place. Your pictures are so nice and looks like you had a great time!

  2. I can't believe you posted these pics on Destin today Lou. I'm headin that way in a few days. Yippee! I'll be sure to get some sand in between my toes for you!

  3. Mildred and Ruth.. thanks for the compliments..my photos cannot do justice to the beauty of the gulf coast! at least with my photos..we can share!
    and Susie..while there, please take a side trip to explore Seaside..Margo and I took gazillions of photos there..I'll be sharing those also!
    In the meantime..dream a little dream..
    ♥smiles from Denver

  4. Now how did a Florida beach girl end up in Denver? Nice to see you get back to visit!

    I live in the Tampa Bay area, but grew up on the beaches in California. I know I have saltwater running through my veins.

    Anytime you're in need of a Florida beach fix, drop on by The Hut.

  5. Lou

    Beautiful photos of "my" home! Sure wish I had known you were here. I would have loved to meet you in "real life".

    Most of the tourists are gone now and the beaches and weather are incredible.


  6. Share away! I can't get enough of the beautiful Gulf Coast. Did you see the seaside feature on my web site (www.watersidestyles.com)?

  7. What a perfect day... sunshine, blue skies, aquamarine water, & a good friend.


  8. Lou, I had no idea that you traveled to Destin. Enjoy the sand, the water, and the sea-breeze. Wish I were there. Maria

  9. I almost didn't come over here thinking you were my other Lou buddy and I have already visited her today.
    I am glad I realized you are in Denver and not New Zealand.
    Those shades of blue and green are the envy of half the home decorators out there always looking for just the right beach color.

  10. hi there! love your photos and i too will be "beaching it" in a few days (panama city beach area!)and of course i will take tons of photos over at seaside! small world! all the best, erin

  11. Hi Lou
    Love you beach pics. Especially the first
    Have a great week. Julie [australia]

  12. Julie..
    there will be more to come on future posts..
    now I'm off to visit YOUR blog..
    Australia has always fascinated me!
    ♥make it a beautiful day!

  13. Aaaahhh...how sweet of you, Louie, to put that neat shot of me (that you made!) in your blog.
    I am catching up with the posts tonight.
    That is one of the BEST ever made of me...thank you.

  14. Margo..
    the sights and delights of Destin was one of the best highlights of that Florida trip!
    sharing them with you was just the icing on the cake!
    ♥ hugs..Louie

  15. There is nothing like sand between the toes!
    I love Destin...such lovely sand...and the best "natural pedicure" I have ever had. So glad you had a wonderful time on your trip with your friends.

    Next time the snow gets to you, come down a little further south and try our beaches...They're beautiful, too.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  16. Amazing photos!Looks like a great place to be.;-)